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Did you know?

- Transport of asbestos must be done by specially licensed and trained companies.

Disposal of asbestos must be done at approved facilities. 

- It is illegal for an individual or company to handle, transport or dispose of friable asbestos without a special waste transport license. If you require asbestos removal, you must call the professionals.

- Owners of a building or facility are responsible for ensuring that asbestos is properly and safely managed from the time it is identified through to its final disposal following abatement.

The Asbestos Abatement, Disposal and Risk Asbestos area of our blog is dedicated to provide just such kind of information, as well as news on everything asbestos related in residential, industrial or marine environments, as well as in power generating facilities.

Old ships often contain a variety of hazardous materials used in their construction. These toxic and hazardous materials should be properly identified and removed from old ships prior to sinking or during end-of-life decommissioning or renovation
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Why Asbestos Due Diligence is so Important
November 26th, 2020 | in Asbestos
When faced with asbestos and needing to hire an asbestos abatement contractor, it is important to ensure you are hiring the right professionals to assist you or what should be an orderly response can quickly become problematic and costly
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Renovating or removing asbestos in old building or facilities? Leave it to the professionals. Read more here.
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