The Enviro-Vac Blogs offer a variety of in depth information about dealing with asbestos, lead, industrial vacuum services and many other hazardous materials.

Did you know?

- Transport of asbestos must be done by specially licensed and trained companies.

Disposal of asbestos must be done at approved facilities. 

- It is illegal for an individual or company to handle, transport or dispose of friable asbestos without a special waste transport license. If you require asbestos removal, you must call the professionals.

- Due dilligence: Owners of a building or facility are responsible for ensuring that asbestos is properly and safely managed from the time it is identified through to its final disposal following abatement.

Here is a general guide on how hazardous materials contamination incidents including the aftermath of a fire are responded to. Details will vary with the contaminant and circumstances. Read more here.
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The BC government has made legislative changes requiring training and certification for those working with asbestos to keep them safe. Read more here.
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What are the meanings of the terms, removal, disposal, abatement & decontamination when it refers to asbestos. Are there differences? Read more here.
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