Enviro-Vac has clients across every industry, ranging from small businesses to government organizations to industrial decommissioning contractors throughout Canada including Canada's sub-arctic. Our clients trust us to get the job done “safely on time and on budget.” They get more than just our top-notch service: they also get access to our experienced team of cross-trained, industry experts. All of them working to ensure completion of another successful project.

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"Sure Hazmat and Testing is pleased to provide a letter for reference of performance based on our experiences while working with the Enviro-Vac team for over twenty five (25) years in the hazardous materials business.

Our projects include numerous abatement projects in occupied facilities as well as large scale demolition projects.

As hazardous materials consultants we are relied on by our clients to provide project specifications, site inspections and monitoring and final clearance documentation to ensure the safety of all building occupants during and after the work.

Enviro-Vac is always one of the hazardous materials specialists we recommend to our clients during the bidding process.

Our experience in the industry includes projects in the industrial, commercial and institutional sectors.  Types of hazardous materials involved include asbestos, lead based paints, PCB equipment and mould remediation.

For any projects regarding the above we would certainly recommend Enviro-Vac as the abatement specialists based on our vast experience working with them in the past.

We find with their vastly experienced management staff and site supervisors they always provide a professional and quality service."

- John Shaw, Sure Hazmat and Testing

"Voith Hydro Inc. has been sub-contracting Enviro-Vac for hazardous materials abatement on Hydro Electric projects across Canada since 2000. We have consistently found them to provide an excellent service and would recommend them for any hazardous materials abatement project."

- Contact Redacted, Voith Hydro Inc.

"North West Environmental Group Ltd. (NWest) is pleased to supply this letter of reference for the work of Enviro‐Vac on a recent Beryllium remediation project.

NWest conducted an assessment of a laboratory facility for the presence of Beryllium in dust deposits. Based on the results of the assessment, Beryllium was identified and NWest conducted a site tour as part of the bidding process, to identify a successful candidate to remediate the Beryllium containing dust.

Three contractors submitted bids for the project which included costs and anticipated schedule. The project was awarded to Enviro‐Vac based on cost and on a significantly shorter project schedule than the other two contractors, which was of critical importance to the owner of the facility.

Enviro‐Vac was able to mobilize at the convenience of the facility owner and completed the work in the timeline indicated for the price quoted. Once complete the efficiency of the remediation was evaluated through surface sampling. The remediation of Beryllium in dust was found to be successful.

We found Enviro‐Vac to be cooperative and responsive throughout the project. NWest would recommend Enviro‐Vac for future remediation projects based on our experience working with them on this project. Please do not hesitate to contact me at 250‐508‐1001 should you wish to discuss further."

- North West Environmental Group, North West Environmental Group

"Their commitment to safety, on site procedure and documentation, organization, supervision and general co-operation are always exceptional. The support from their office is equally exceptional, and every administration aspect is always dealt with promptly and efficiently.  We have always found Enviro-Vac to be professional and reliable and they are to be commended on their extraordinary efforts to completing the work on time and on budget."

- Wendy Litchfield, MWL Demolition Ltd.

"I wish to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for the professionalism and expertise exhibited by the entire team at Enviro-Vac - Division of Paragon Remediation Group Ltd. over the past 7 years.

Their commitment to safety on site procedures and documentation, organization, supervision and general co-operation are always exceptional. The support from their office is equally exceptional, and every administration aspect is always dealt with promptly and efficiently.

Together we have worked on many complicated and highly visible projects that require an exceptional amount of detailed planning. We have always found Enviro-Vac to be professional and reliable and they are to be commended on their extraordinary efforts to completing the work on time and on budget.

Professionalism shows and Enviro-Vac's performance is a sign of their ownership's and staff's commitment to client satisfaction. Enviro-Vac has undoubtedly become our Hazmat Abatement Contractor of choice. We have no hesitation in recommending Enviro-Vac for future hazmat projects based on our positive experiences working with them."

- Redacted, MWL Demolition Ltd.

"I just wanted to cap off the mercury job by letting you know in our opinion and the opinion of the city of Edmonton everything went very well.

I wanted to thank you for being accommodating and taking on the job without much lead time, and doing a good job.  We will definitely use you guys again if / when the need comes up for this type of work."

- Redacted, Marquis Alliance

"This letter is to confirm that D. Litchfield & Co. Ltd. has had an excellent long standing working relationship with Enviro-Vac for 10+ years.

Our team really enjoys working together with the Enviro-Vac team as the project always runs very efficiently and smoothly. Everything is also handled very professionally when they are assigned projects to be conducted on their own.

We would highly recommend Enviro-Vac for any abatement job."

- Redacted, D. Litchfield & Co.

"Thank you for your submissions. Your program is one of the better ones I have seen and I can tell you that it has passed and is now accepted into our system."

- Redacted, Safety Advisor BC Hydro

"DST Consulting Engineers Inc. (DST) is pleased to provide this letter of reference to Enviro-Vac, a Division of Paragon Remediation Group (Enviro-Vac).

DST has retained and/or recommended the hazardous material abatement services of Enviro-Vac for the past fifteen (15) years. Over the past fifteen (15) years, DST has found the level of service, attention to our clients' needs and realistic cost estimates to be unsurpassed. Enviro-Vac provides cost effective and regulatory compliant solutions for our clients hazardous material abatement needs on a consistent basis.

We have and will continue to recommend Enviro-Vac to all of our clients that require hazardous material abatement solutions."

- Redacted, DST Consulting Engineers Inc.

"The Enviro-Vac team has exceeded our expectations with quality, professional workmanship. Thank you for completing the job in a timely, orderly fashion."

- Redacted, City of Burnaby

"Enviro-Vac has provided hazardous materials abatement services to Pinchin West Ltd. on many projects over the past 20+ years. During this time we have found them to be an excellent services provider in the commercial and industrial abatement fields. We are pleased to recommend Enviro-Vac for hazardous materials abatement projects and look forward to continuing our working relationship with them."

- Redacted, Pinchin West Ltd.

"3R Demolition Corp., has completed many successful projects with Enviro-Vac.

Over the years, the Enviro-Vac TEAM work has been proficient in time management with respect to project timelines for our clients and their health and safety meets all site requirements and beyond.

Whether a project stems over many months or just a few days we have found Enviro-Vac to always bring exemplary efforts and achieve exemplary results for all our projects!

A company like Enviro-Vac is pivotal in the abatement - demolition business, as their workers are faced with hazardous challenges daily; Enviro-Vac's management team insures that each site is safe and their workers go home safely to their family every day.

Enviro-Vac's success is true testament of their integrity to their clients and employees; and additionally, 3R Demolition Corp., is delighted to work with Enviro-Vac on projects both large and small!

On a personal note, I have worked in the abatement - demolition since 1974 and have seen many companies come and go, but Enviro-Vac has become a true "success story" in their industry achieved from their synergies over the years!

We thank them for their hard work and look forward to working together for a long time in the future."

- Corinne Fulton, 3R Demolition Corp.

“Thank you and your team for the work you performed removing asbestos from the Wabamum Plant. We regard the Phase 1 work as a resounding success. All the asbestos was removed from unit 1, 2 and 3 of the turbine condensate areas without a reportable incident and with perimeter fibre counts below the Alberta Governments action limit. We would recommend Enviro-Vac for any asbestos abatement job and sincerely hope to do business with Enviro-Vac again.”

- Rick Right, Project Manager & Vince Heron, Balancing Pool Project, Trans Alta Power Alberta

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