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Enviro-Vac has a proven track record for delivering solutions to often highly complex environmental cleanup and hazardous materials abatement projects. We specialize in providing reliable and highly responsive abatement & decontamination services including emergency cleanup. Our safe work plans are robust, cost effective, compliant and comprehensive.

Enviro-Vac takes pride in being industry leaders and are dedicated to providing a variety of innovative hazardous materials abatement & decontamination solutions to clients throughout Canada and South America. Our highly responsive, hazardous materials abatement methods and procedures are designed to meet and exceed stringent environmental regulations without sacrificing safety or quality of work.

Dust - The Silent Killer
January 12th, 2023 | in Other services
Killer dust can be found lurking everywhere. If you work in an industrial setting, you may often have to deal with a great deal of dust. You might think that dust is harmless, but that couldn't be further from the truth
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Environmental contracting and in particular, asbestos removal, a segment of hazardous materials abatement and decontamination in buildings and facilities is a complex activity often with multiple stakeholders and regulators involved. It requires cons
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In this blog, we’re going to explain what the heavy rains today may mean for your building in the future. Mould grows in poorly ventilated buildings and all the recent heavy, unrelenting rain and floods are prime factors in promoting mould growth
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