Shrink-Wrap Industrial Containments

FocCreekSW1.jpgThe Ultimate Environmental Containment System FOR ASBESTOS OR LEAD ABATEMENT

The removal or abatement of asbestos and other hazardous materials is a highly regulated and sensitive activity that requires the utmost in planning and installation of negative pressure containments that will withstand monitored pressure differential and often adverse weather. Fire rating can also be very important. Enviro-Vac products and techniques create a complete seal of the abatement area keeping all harmful asbestos and/or lead dust and fibers safely contained.

Enviro-Vac Shrink-Wrap is a state-of-the-art specially formulated, high strength polyethylene film that shrinks when heat is applied. The heated plastic film shrinks to create a perfect fit around any object, framework, or engineered scaffolding, is fire retardant, and has UV inhibitors.

Enviro-Vac is an industry leader in developing and installing engineered, industrial shrink-wrap containment systems for negative pressure, high-risk containments and have provided solutions to Canadian organizations of all sizes for an endless number of diverse applications. Enviro-Vac consistently sets the highest standards for reliability and "on budget - on time" performance in a variety of industrial and specialized markets including Weather Wrap for winterization of scaffolds or structures to keep the cold wind and snow out.

Our shrink-wrap containments provide effective, cost saving alternatives to building and facility owners, general and contractors.

Our industrial shrink-wrap keeps airborne contaminants IN and the rain, snow and sun OUT. This reduces downtime due to weather and other external factors.

Advantages of aN Industrial Shrink Wrap from Enviro-Vac

Environmentally Friendly

Enviro-Vac's unique ability to install and maintain negative pressure inside our engineered shrink-wrap containment systems is unmatched and is a cost-effective and environmentally sound method of containing hazardous materials and creating airtight, negative pressure enclosures.

Minimizing Risk of Containment Failure

Enviro-Vac's industrial shrink-wrap has been specially formulated to set new standards in the hazardous materials abatement industry. It has been formulated to withstand strong winds and provide enhanced UV resistance and durability in a negative pressure environment. The shrink-wrap is fire rated and made from high density polyethylene making it ideal for stronger joint welds, minimizing risk of a hazardous materials abatement containment failure.

Versatile & Made of Quality Material

Shrink-wrap is ideal for creating effective environmental containments and is particularly effective at adapting to awkward shapes as it can be cut and heat-welded in place. Heat-welding of shrink-wrap joints creates a smooth, continuously bonded enclosure able to resist strong winds and negative pressure environments.

Fire Rated

Enviro-Vac's shrink wrap is fire rated.

Great For Winter Protection

The Enviro-Vac Shrink Wrap system is great for providing added protection to workers and equipment from the elements.

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