Would I Need a Licensed Asbestos Surveyor If I Am Renovating a House Built Before 2000?

January 23rd, 2024 | in Asbestos
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The question in the title is a good question, and one that should be asked by everyone planning or performing renovation or demolition in a house built before the year 2000. The answer is not clear.

Asbestos can be found in over 3,000 building materials, such as boiler and pipe insulation, textured ceilings, stucco, plaster, floor covering, attic insulation, window caulking and roofing material to name just a few.

Asbestos in building materials did not finally become banned in Canada until 2018, although many people and builders already knew that asbestos posed a problem. It is impossible to say whether a home built after the 1990s would have a problem with asbestos unless assessed by a licensed professional surveyor. Until asbestos became banned, many builders often unknowingly continued to use older asbestos-laden products to build with.

So, if you are planning a renovation or demolition, the prudent homeowner and/or contractor would ask a licensed, professional asbestos surveyor to investigate and analyze where there might be any asbestos in the house and what potential solutions or remedies might be required.

Read about due diligence requirements.

The biggest problem with asbestos is that asbestos is made up of tiny fibers. If someone cuts into walls or floors, and disturbs the asbestos without knowing it, millions of the tiny fibers can then become airborne. The risk of asbestos to humans is when we breathe in these fibers. And asbestos is known to cause all manner of health problems including certain types of cancer.

The only way to put your mind at ease is to bring licensed, expert surveyors in who can accurately assess, sample and then test the samples in a laboratory for results, then with those results, they can tell you exactly what you and your contractor need to know.

Please note that we do not complete surveys for asbestos as surveys for asbestos should always be completed by an asbestos licensed third party. Hazardous materials abatement is our business, and we are available to help you if you are in need an experienced and licensed asbestos removal company. We can be reached toll-free in Surrey, BC at (888) 296-2499.
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