Industrial Shrink Wrap

Enviro-Vac Shrink-Wrap is a state-of-the-art specially formulated, high strength polyethylene film that shrinks when heat is applied. The heated plastic film shrinks to create a perfect fit around any object, framework, or engineered scaffolding, is fire retardant, and has UV inhibitors.

The Envirovac Industrial Shrink Wrap Blog offers timely information and in depth articles on using industrial shrink wrap, as well as negative pressure containments for cold weather, delving also on their benefits and properties.

Shrink wrap is a great solution for all types of environmental remediation and restoration projects involving asbestos or lead hazards. We investigate here why that is true. Read more here.
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Enviro-Vac engineered shrink wrap is perfect for asbestos and lead removal when used as a high-risk containment placed under negative pressure. Shrink wrap containments are also extremely beneficial in keeping cold weather, snow, wind & rain out.
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The short answer to the question in the title is “probably.” In this blog, we’re going to explain why negative pressure shrink-wrap containments for asbestos and lead removal helps reduce labour costs in the winter and keeps your projec
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