Enviro-Vac Corporate Commitments & Policies


Enviro-Vac have developed a series of comprehensive work procedures, risk-assessments and integrated policies that are the guiding principals upon which the success of our business has been built. The standard operating procedures and policies focus on economic, social and environmental sustainability wherein our employees safety, health and welfare take priority and not just the sole pursuit of profits. The various policy documents were created with a sustainable mind-set and together, these guidelines and code of conduct contain minimum ac­cept­able standards for best prac­tice and pro­ced­ures utilized by Enviro-Vac as to how we, as a responsible organization conduct ourselves in business, and the broader community.

The management and the staff of the Enviro-Vac team strive on a day-to-day basis to hold ourselves to the highest standards and achieve all that is set out in our stated policies. It's all about being accountable for our actions and leading the hazardous materials abatement and decontamination industry in often complex abatement and decontamination tasks that must conform to rigorous regulatory standards.

Coronavirus & Business Continuity Statement

Enviro-Vac continues to closely monitor the potential impact of COVID-19 on our business and supply chains and have put various measures and procedures in place that reduce the risk and mitigate potential exposure to the virus and our business. We are proud to say that we have not experienced a man-day loss due to COVID.

We have taken a proactive approach and extended our COVID policy and procedures manual to our business continuity planning plan which includes the current situation in respect of managing and minimising the impact of COVID-19. Our comprehensive risk assessment and exposure control plan underpins our planning process and now includes specific considerations and controls in relation to COVID-19 and other infectious diseases within our Policy Manuals.

A more detailed overview of the policies, steps and changes we are making to our business and working practices are available to our clients on request.



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