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Decommissioning & Decontamination Advantages


Including Enviro-Vac in the preliminary stages of planning a decommissioning or abatement project offers many advantages to clients and planners, and can be invaluable to bringing an often-complex hazardous materials abatement project to a successful conclusion. We recognize the value in early project participation and are available to assist our clients in developing comprehensive decontamination strategies, programs and budgets that will provide the highest guarantee of success for each project.

Our decontamination experience within our industry is unparalleled in Canada and combined with our geographical coverage and capabilities ensures that our range of services are tailored to meet the current and evolving demands of our clients. The scale of abatement and decontamination projects we have completed range from multi-million-dollar projects across Canada to small residential projects and include projects from Canada’s arctic to projects as distant as South America.

Our dedicated commitment to Health & Safety underscores everything we do.

Our portfolio of clients includes:

  • Bridges
  • Dams and Electric Generating Facilities
  • Ferries
  • Hospitals, Shopping Malls, High Rise Office Buildings, etc.
  • Mines
  • Military and Commercial Ships, Barges
  • Pipelines
  • Refineries and Petro-Chemical Facilities
  • Pulp and Paper Mills
We are invested in our clients long-term success and are committed to bringing innovation and leadership to every project. We have over our 40+ years in business "truly done it all".


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