Will Shrink-Wrap Containments Reduce Labour Costs in Winter?

November 30th, 2021 | in Industrial Shrink Wrap
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Enviro-Vac engineered shrink wrap is perfect for asbesros and lead removal as a high-risk containment when placed under negative pressure. Shrink wrap containments are also extreemely beneficial in keeping cold weather, snow, wind & rain out. The fire rated, shrink-wrap containment system enables a project to continue without interruption. Our shrink-wrap is specially formulated so it will not become brittle in cold weather and has built in UV inhibitors. The challenges of hazardous materials abatement on construction projects and on large, industrial or commercial spaces are numerous. But each and every problem gets worse with bad weather. Installing Enviro-Vac's shrink-wrap containment systems over scaffolding on construction projects reduces delays due to bad weather and saves you time and money.

Contain Hazards

Shrink wrapping doesn’t just keep the weather out, it also keeps dust and spray painting hazards in. With a controlled environment, you have the option to use effective air filtration and vacuum systems in order to reduce the risks associated with sandblasting and painting during renovation.


What are the alternatives to shrink wrapping commercial buildings? Tarps, netting, plastic? The fact is that there are no realistic alternatives that effectively work as well as shrink wrap containments. Shrink wrapping when done correctly is the only option that won’t blow away in the wind and keeps the space sealed tight against the weather.

Improve Efficiency

Another effect of having a great seal on your construction site is that you can continue to accomplish the renovation, even when the weather is bad. Projects can easily get rained out and work is usually slowed if not completely stopped during bad weather. With shrink wrapping, your site can keep going until the job is completed, saving you time and money in the long term.

Enviro-Vac is one of the largest privately owned hazardous materials abatement and decontamination contractors in Canada. They offer a full suite of services in hazardous materials abatement, decontamination and industrial vacuum services including negative pressure shrink- wrap containments and are available to work both small and large-scale projects across Canada. The head office is based in Surrey, BC.

If you have any questions about this article or would like to talk to us about hazardous materials abatement, decontamination, industrial vacuum services and industrial dust down or negative pressure shrink-wrap containments, please call us on our toll-free number, 1 (888) 296-2499

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