What to do if you Suspect you have Asbestos in your Home or Facility

December 15th, 2014 | in Asbestos

If you suspect you may have asbestos containing materials in your home, building or facility don't touch it. Have a professional asbestos consulting company look at it and make a recommendation.

Precautions to Take

Asbestos fibres are hazardous when inhaled. They can be released into the air when improperly handled, stored or transported for disposal. Asbestos containing materials that aren't damaged or disturbed are not likely to pose a health threat. Usually the best thing to do is leave undisturbed asbestos containing materials alone - IF it's in good condition and there is no likelihood of disturbing it e.g. renovation or demolition.

If you hire an asbestos abatement contractor make sure you have thoroughly checked out their references as the potential liabilities for improper abatement are significant.

Safely disposing of asbestos waste

Asbestos must be specially packaged before it can be disposed.

Regulations in Canada vary from Province to Province but generally asbestos even in small quantities requires specialized disposal techniques by asbestos licensed transporter. It is important to ensure that friable asbestos waste has been properly wetted and placed into sealed "asbestos Labeled" bags prior to transport to an approved or licensed asbestos waste landfill facility.

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