What is non-destructive lead testing?

April 24th, 2018 | in Abatement Services

Historically, lead testing was done by having hazardous materials abatement consultants take samples of the suspected lead paint or coating in or on a structure by scraping it off and putting it into containers to be sent to a laboratory for analysis. A slow process as they would then have to wait for the results of the tests, delaying the whole process of lead abatement and raising the costs of the services.

In order to lower costs and use the most advanced abatement techniques possible, Enviro-Vac began looking for better and faster ways to determine the lead content of paint, metals and alloys.

Now, Enviro-Vac uses an x-ray fluorescence (XRF) gun to test for lead which is a highly precise metal alloys testing instrument that provides instant results. Instead of scraping off paint, the hand-held scanner analyzes the lead content of the surface and provides an instant reading. Our highly trained staff, who need to be certified by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC), operate this XRF Gun in the safest and most effective manner possible.

XRF Gun for Non-Destructive Lead TestingTo accurately test for lead, a user must point the XRF Gun at the surface and pull the trigger. The analyzers read through every layer of paint, searching deep for any traces of lead. It can also analyze metals or alloys to produce laboratory quality results without having to wait for the test results.

So how does this save money? Lead testing is no longer a slow and costly affair, involving labs and delays. Instead, the lead abatement process can begin as soon as the XRF Gun has been “shot”. With a positive reading, Enviro-Vac’s team of highly-trained staff can begin working straight away. Use of the XRF gun is also valuable for rapid, on-site determination of potential lead exposure which can immediately be communicated to workers and help identify appropriate levels of personal protection. As the method is non-destructive, samples can subsequently be sent to a laboratory for confirmation if and when required.

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