Violating Asbestos Removal Laws Results in Jail Time

August 19th, 2013 | in Asbestos

Asbestos abatement contractor gets jail time. The message was delivered loud and clear from the BC Supreme Court to the entire asbestos abatement industry, building owners and general contractors: Blatantly violating the laws & regulations designed to protect workers and the public from asbestos exposure will not be tolerated.

jail timeAs was recently reported, "The owner of a BC company who knowingly exposed workers, including teens, to potentially deadly asbestos has been handed a jail sentence. Arthur Moore was found guilty of contempt for ignoring court orders to halt his asbestos removal business in Vancouver, BC. The B.C. Supreme Court case heard Moore exploited young recovering addicts and did not provide employees with adequate training or equipment."

OH&S legislation across Canada gives employers and work site owners duties and responsibilities for their own directly hired workers as well as for the workers of other contractors and place an explicit duty on the owner and the employer of any property to manage any risk from asbestos, lead or other hazardous materials in their premises. Although this is accomplished in different ways in each province, the same result follows. Some jurisdictions, such as the Yukon, Nova Scotia and Ontario, expressly define "employer" to mean a person who employs one or more workers or who contracts for the services of one or more workers, to perform work or supply services.

Enviro-Vac can help you administer all of your asbestos removal and management requirements - from inception to completion - through our comprehensive ‘turnkey’ asbestos management package. We document everything we do with detailed risk-assessments, exposure control plans and procedures. All Enviro-Vac abatement projects are completed in strict compliance with regulatory requirements, codes of practice and Environmental Health & Safety guidelines. A rigorous regime of internal and external audits ensures quality control procedures are maintained at every stage of abatement including record keeping.

Enviro-Vac is an insured expert, specialized environmental contractor providing a wide range of services from asbestos removal and abatement to facility decontamination nationwide. We take great pride in our safety record and our commitment to meeting our client’s project schedules and budgets. Our hazardous materials abatement services include asbestos, lead, PCB’s, mould, industrial vacuuming of arsenic and other heavy metals dust including combustible dust, mercury, NORMS, bio-hazards, shrink-wrap containments, abrasive blasting, shot-blasting & recovery and much more.

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