Using Portable Decontamination Units for Work in Remote Locations

May 28th, 2019 |
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When working in remote locations, having access to safe worker decontamination systems can be a challenge. One viable solution to this dilemma is the use of mobile decontamination units or trailers. These decontamination units can help with an array of abatement projects, including:

-        asbestos removal

-        biohazard decontamination

-        lead and arsenic abatement

-        and many more

Mobile decontamination units and trailers are suitable for small to large projects. These units include multi stage rooms for proper worker decontamination. They are properly filtered to ensure the air and water used is clean and not contaminated.

One of the big benefit of these units is the portability and rapid deployment potential. These trailers can be moved to any location, providing an effective solution for working in different locations. They are especially suited to remote locations where access to other worker decontamination solutions is not readily available. These trailers can be easily deployed to the remote location and they are self-contained, meaning everything you need will be available in one place.

Portable decontamination units are available to Enviro-Vac crews in several different sizes and options including roll-off units. Whatever the work,Enviro-Vac has options available to get the job done, safely.

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