The Dangers of Combustible Dust - Why Proper Abatement is Necessary

November 22nd, 2014 | in Abatement Services

combustible dustCombustible dust is incredibly hazardous in a workplace. Small particles of combustible material, reaching a certain concentration with an oxidant and ignition source present, can explode suddenly and violently, leading to injuries, damaged property, and in some cases, death. 

Sources and Threats 

Many materials can turn into combustible dust, even things you would not expect could explode. Food materials like spices or grain, plastics, wood, dyes, metal, and many other industrial products can easily become deadly dust. Ignition can be sparked through something as simple as friction, static electricity, or an overheated piece of machinery. 

Successful Clean-Up 

The proper abatement or cleanup of combustible dust is very important in maintaining a safe workplace.

ENVIRO-VAC's Industrial vacuum services provide a safe & efficient cleanup of combustible dust. The techniques and equipment involved in this process are far more complex than regular vacuuming! In order to combat combustible dust, the vacuums must be safe, grounded and not create any potential for ignition. Vacuum crews must protect themselves with proper training and personal protective equipment. 

Before the actual clean up takes place, however, a combustible dust abatement company should conduct a risk assessment identifying potential hazards and develop site-specific work procedures in order to safely remove as much dust as possible. This is the best way to ensure hazardous materials will be removed without issues, and in fact, is a regulatory requirement for health and safety. 


Regular industrial vacuuming and cleaning is a good way to prevent dangerous dust buildup. Taking care of dust as it appears means it is far less likely to reach dangerous levels within a workplace, keeping personnel and property safe and secure. 

The presence of combustible dust in a workplace is not something that can or should be ignored. If combustible dust is identified as a hazard, it should be dealt with immediately and removed by an expert dust abatement company.

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