The Benefits of Cold Weather Shrink Wrap Vs. Polytarps

December 28th, 2015 | in Industrial Shrink Wrap

Enviro-Vac is an industry leader in developing and installing engineered, industrial shrink wrap containment systems on Canadian industrial projects. Enviro-Vac specially formulated shrink wrap provides the ultimate in protection from the weather on industrial sites and will not blow away like tarps. Poly tarps are not fitted to the items you are trying to cover. With some creative wrapping and a lot of securing you may get a close fit, but a poly tarp will never be air tight to the object beneath. This can pose problems, especially in cold, snowy winters. If your object is sensitive to the weather, covering with a poly tarp is just asking for damage as winter drags on.

Enviro-Vac cold weather shrink wrap, is made specifically for weather proofing. The wrap covers your object completely and fits drum tight, shrinking down around an object to make an airtight barrier that will protect it from the elements. Even better, Enviro-Vac shrink wrap is fire resistant and contains UV inhibitors, adding additional benefits to the covering material.

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