Proper Asbestos Abatement in Vancouver

March 29th, 2016 | in Abatement Services

asbestos removalAsbestos is defined as any of six incombustible, chemical-resistant, fibrous minerals. It has been used historically in over 3,000 building products manufactured before 1990 and can be found in fireproofing, floor coverings, roofing, walls & attic insulation, drywall and ceiling texture, to name just a few. 

If you are planning a renovation or demolition of your house in Vancouver you are required to have a qualified professional such as a Certified Industrial Hygienist experienced in recognition, evaluation and control perform a thorough survey of your building prior and as part of the building permit application process. You are also required to obtain a Salvage & Abatement Permit.

Non-asbestos drywall disposal in the Vancouver area is banned as it releases Hydrogen Sulphide gas during decomposition and must be recycled if renovation or demolition is planned. If the removed drywall contains asbestos, it must be packaged according to the City of Vancouver’s asbestos disposal policy that is strictly enforced. This must be done by a company that can provide asbestos abatement and disposal in accordance with residential and/or commercial asbestos abatement regulatory guidelines for the Vancouver area. Asbestos containing drywall cannot be disposed of in the Vancouver & Victoria area.

Other hazardous waste that requires hazardous materials abatement and decontamination service solutions prior to demolition or renovation include: mercury, PCB and lead paint.

Hazardous waste must be handled, stored, transported, treated and disposed of properly in order to safeguard human health and the environment. In Canada, waste that is classified/defined as hazardous waste must be managed according to numerous Provincial & Federal regulatory requirements.

If you need hazardous waste removed, Enviro-Vac meets the highest safety, regulatory and insurance requirements possible. In addition, we are pre-qualified with a number of networks that offer data management and due diligence assurance to those who use and pay for our contracted services. Enviro-Vac have been granted a special waste transport license by the Ministry of Environment to safely transport and dispose of asbestos waste at approved allied facilities.

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