Industrial Shrink Wrap and Hazardous Materials Abatement Containment

October 24th, 2017 | in Abatement Services

When removing hazardous materials, such as asbestos or lead paint, one of the major considerations that need to be addressed are containing the work area in an air-tight, negative pressure enclosure. Enclosures constructed in exterior environments will need additional considerations such as harsh winds or heavy rain fall, there is the potential for typical tarps and plastic sheeting to be blown away from the containment contaminating the environment around it.

Enviro-Vac has become one of the industry leaders in developing and installing engineered, negative pressure, industrial shrink-wrap containment systems that are also fire-rated. Enviro-Vac has vast experience working in asbestos removal and abatement throughout Canada and will contain and remove hazardous materials in the safest way possible.

By installing an engineered scaffold system and applying our industrial shrink wrap, which is then heated and shrunk air-tight around the scaffold structure, we can contain all the hazardous materials inside the structure and keep the weather outside. The shrink wrap creates a perfect fit around whatever it’s attached to.

A perfect example is an asbestos removal project we recently completed in the North West Territories in Canada's sub-arctic. Tasked with the challenge of working in the dead of winter, we created shrink-wrap containments for hazardous materials abatement which also helped to protect our workers from the cold and winds. This containment had to stand up to frigid temperatures and not break down over the two years we worked on the project. With our experience and expertise, we were able to complete the contract on-time and on-budget with no accidents. The shrink-wrap containments were an important part to achieving that goal.

So if you live in Vancouver, BC, or anywhere in Canada, and you need asbestos or lead paint abatement, you’ll want to contact us at Enviro-Vac. We do the job right – you can trust our experience and knowledge no matter what the conditions.

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