How to Select a Company for Industrial Abatement Services

April 17th, 2015 | in Abatement Services

wastewater treatmentAsbestos, mold, lead, mildew and other hazardous materials are harmful to employees and clients. Companies must hire an industrial abatement company as soon as they realize they have hazardous materials onsite. Choosing the right company is an essential part of the process. Fortunately, there are a few tips companies can follow when selecting industrial abatement services.

Turn-Key Abatement Services

Some contractors only offer a portion of the services companies need. Instead of hiring several different contractors to complete the job, choose a single company that offers turn-key abatement and decontamination services. This will save you time and money. It will also ensure that the project goes smoothly, since one project manager will be in control of the entire process. Otherwise, you will have too many project managers onsite, causing a lot of confusion. Confusion leads to mistakes. 

Environmentally Responsible

If you have hazardous materials onsite, it is essential that you choose a company that is environmentally responsible. You do not want hazardous materials to get out in the atmosphere, and you do not want to leave a negative impact on the environment when the job is complete. Choose a company that has an environmentally responsible way to contain and dispose of the materials during the cleanup process.


You need to choose a qualified company when looking for industrial abatement services. Look at the networks that the company belongs to in order to ensure it has the proper qualifications. Check for networks like ContractorCheck, CanQual Network, and ComplyWorks. Companies have to be qualified in order to be a part of these networks.
You don't have time to waste when looking for industrial abatement services. With that in mind, use these tips so you can find a contractor quickly. Then, you can get everything cleaned up and keep your employees safe.

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