How to Choose a Hazardous Materials Abatement Company in Canada

January 16th, 2015 | in Abatement Services

hazardous materialsDid you know that every single day in Canada, hazardous materials such as asbestos, mould, lead paint, and fungus are being removed improperly. Perhaps some building owners are just plain clueless, others overlook or ignore the problem, thinking it’s really not much of an issue.

But it is. Consider this: Canada has one of the highest rates of mesothelioma cancer in the world. This highly aggressive cancer stems from long-term exposure to asbestos which has long been mined and used in building infrastructures all over Canada. Exposure to hazardous moulds can result in a myriad of adverse conditions including compromised immune systems, allergies, or asthma. Lead paint, as many of us know, is poison and can cause kidney damage, reduce IQ, and behavioral or attention problems.

The list of maladies from exposure to hazardous materials goes on. But here’s the thing. People, meaning building owners, property managers, corporate executives, and yes, even the regular home owners should be informed about properly disposing of hazardous materials.

Aside from knowing how to dispose properly, perhaps the most effective way to deal with hazardous materials is to seek the services of a reputable hazardous materials abatement company. What to look for when choosing one? Here are a few things to look out for:

  • Years of proven experience in hazardous materials abatement and remediation
  • Experience in administering both large- and small-scale abatement tasks
  • In-depth knowledge of abatement costs
  • Knowledge in special waste management and transport
  • Has the systems in place to keep up with ever-changing regulatory requirements
  • Has fully-certified personnel, from inspectors to supervisors, workers, project designers, testers, management planners, and abatement workers

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