Get the Lead Out - Lead Paint Abatement

August 1st, 2014 | in Abatement Services

lead paint abatementMost buildings built before 1950 used lead paint. Lead paint usage continued, in diminished frequency, until 1978. Business owners operating in historic buildings may face the tricky issue of lead paint removal. Lead paint abatement is the process through which lead paint is completely removed from a building, such that lead exposure is no longer a risk to occupants. Keep your customers, your employees, and yourself safe in your commercial or business environment by hiring a professional lead paint abatement technician to resolve your lead paint issue. 

Health Risks 

The adverse health consequences of lead exposure are far-reaching and well-documented. Symptoms such as headaches and abdominal cramps can continue over time into problems such reproductive defects or failure, anemia, brain damage, nerve damage, and high blood pressure. Lead poisoning is deadly serious.

Employer Responsibilities 

If you are operating a business where there is a risk of lead exposure in the form of lead paint, the law may require you to notify your employees and customers. To the extent that your employees are working under constant exposure, you may be required to provide protective equipment. These measures can impair productivity, morale, and business image. Lead abatement is ultimately your best solution. 

Hire a Professional Lead Abatement Technician 

Lead abatement is a specialized field of toxic clean-up and the professionals who render lead abatement services are government certified. They are trained in the use of specific techniques, equipment, and hazardous material handling standards, which may be unknown to or an inexperienced contractor. 

Avoiding Mistakes, Avoiding Liability 

Hiring a non-certified contractor can lead to an improperly executed or incomplete lead paint abatement procedure that will leave you, your employees, and your clientele exposed. You will have spent the money, but may be just as liable should lead exposure claims arise.

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