Benefits of Industrial Vacuum Services

January 7th, 2014 | in Industrial Vacuum


industrial vacuumingWhat you don't know or was not revealed to you when you took on a demolition or renovation project can hurt you. Asbestos is a "hidden-danger" as is lead paint and many other contaminants often hidden in buildings and industrial facilities. These hidden dangers can cause you serious physical harm as well as often costly cleanup charges and serious downstream liabilities. When you call Enviro-Vac, you partner with an experienced abatement team that has the broad-based experience, resources and unmatched knowledge to properly solve your contaminant issue.

If your construction or renovation project turned into a nightmare because you disturbed previously unknown asbestos containing material, lead paint or other hazardous material, often the only option is to immediately remove all people from the affected area and hire an expert company to perform an immediate and complete decontamination in order to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Often that means erecting airtight containment systems placed under negative air pressure to isolate the hazardous material using plastic sheeting, such as Enviro-Vac's shrink-wrap fire-rated plastic. But the problem of cleanup will still remain, and the best option when you need to deal with hazardous material decontamination is to hire an industrial vacuum services provider with the proper equipment and experience.

Enviro-Vac's industrial vacuum services teams can provide a complete decontamination of a building or facility to remove all traces of the hazardous materials using the most modern technology available. Professional teams who use industrial vacuums are trained to keep themselves safe and to ensure that anyone who comes into the site after them is safe from potential contamination.

Why Use an Industrial Vacuum Loader?

Every project and situation presents different circumstances and varying degrees of difficulty and will require a proper risk-assessment. Industrial vacuum loaders are not always the only option but there are many situations when industrial vacuum loaders are the fastest and most efficient option. Industrial vacuum loaders and automated baggers can remove heavy metal dust, arsenic trioxide, asbestos, lead, and other hazardous dusts. The process includes both the collection and bagging of toxic materials, as well as removal from the site and proper waste disposal. Industrial vacuum loaders can handle dust, liquids, powders, and contaminated solids in a safe and effective manner. 

Don’t risk the health of your workers and the success of your renovation. Ensure the building you are renovating has had a hazardous materials survey completed by a reliable company and avoid costly emergency decontamination & cleanup costs. We can help solve your hidden-danger by providing free cost estimates and abatement budgets.

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