Abandoned Mines, Pulp & Paper Mills - Industrial Facilities Decommissioning

November 28th, 2023 | in Other services
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Asbestos, Heavy Metals Dust & Hazardous Materials Removal in Pulp & Paper Mills, Mines, Refineries and Other Industrial Facilities

ENVIRO-VAC™ have a 45+ year proven track record for delivering solutions to often highly complex environmental cleanup and hazardous materials abatement projects. We specialize in providing reliable and highly responsive abatement & decontamination services including emergency cleanup. Our safe work plans are robust, cost effective, compliant, and comprehensive.

Decommissioning & Decontamination

If you are in the preliminary stages of planning a decommissioning or abatement project call us to discuss how we can help. We recognize the value in early project participation and are available to assist our clients in developing comprehensive decontamination strategies, programs and budgets that will provide the highest guarantee of success for each project.

Our history of completing large scale asbestos removal projects in pulp and paper mills is legendary spanning decades and includes hazardous materials abatement and asbestos removal projects completed simultaneously at two pulp and paper mills in 2023. This is in addition to completeing approx 1200 other hazardous materials abatement / decontamination projects every year.


Why choose Enviro-Vac for your abatement and decontamination project?

Enviro-Vac takes pride in being industry leaders and are dedicated to providing a variety of innovative hazardous materials abatement & decontamination solutions to clients throughout Canada. Our highly responsive, hazardous materials abatement methods and procedures are designed to meet and exceed stringent environmental regulations without sacrificing safety or quality of work.

We are a licensed asbestos abatement contractor with over four decades of proven track record in world-class hazardous materials abatement techniques, while keeping our certified workers safe with exceptionally low experience modification / incident rates to back up our work and our commitment to Health & Safety.

We are able to mobilize our trained and certified hazardous materials abatement personnel 24-hours a day, 7-days a week to anywhere in Canada including Canada's sub-arctic.

Expertise of Trained Personnel

The capabilities of our personnel, our certificates of approval, and our long-term focus on innovation has driven our reputation for delivering cost efficient and flexible environmental contracting services and abatement of hazardous materials and from the early beginning, our expertise in industrial vacuum services.

Enviro-Vac is one of the largest privately owned hazardous materials abatement and decontamination contractors in Canada. They offer a full suite of services in hazardous materials abatement, decontamination and industrial vacuum services including negative pressure shrink- wrap containments and are available to work both small and large-scale projects across Canada. The head office is based in Surrey, BC.

If you have any questions about this article or would like to talk to us about hazardous materials abatement, decontamination, industrial vacuum services and industrial dust down or negative pressure shrink-wrap containments, please call us on our toll-free number, 1 (888) 296-2499.

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