Decontamination Trailers & Units (DCU)

For remote contaminated sites in Canada or for natural disasters where electricity and water are unavailable to support decontamination of Enviro-Vac personnel and / or where numerous, mobile decontamination facilities are required, Enviro-Vac have designed (for our use only, not for sale or lease) proprietary, climate controlled, custom built, transportable decontamination units and decontamination trailers that provide optimal conditions exceeding the minimum design criteria for asbestos and other hazardous materials required by regulatory bodies.

Enviro-Vac can mobilize the self-contained decontamination units or trailers on very short notice to any of our projects within Canada.


The advanced level of design and transportability make the DCU's perfectly suited for many environments where safe decontamination of Enviro-Vac personnel is required. Our Portable Decontamination Units work well after natural disasters or on demolition sites where cleanup workers are potentially exposed to hazardous materials such as asbestos, arsenic, lead dust, heavy metals dust, toxic dust and ash, PCB and mercury.

The Enviro-Vac decontamination units and trailers are robust, high-quality and self-contained with a series of fully functional decontamination rooms that come complete with self-contained high efficiency water management filtration systems for workers to decontaminate when working with hazardous materials. DCU's include progressive routing through a series of three - five, air-locked control chambers eventually providing access to a change room where “street clothes” can be found. Trailers are complete with water supply management system with filtered waste tanks and HEPA negative air pressure filtration system.

The DCU's incorporate a minimum of a three air-locked decontamination rooms as follows:


The "dirty room" includes Negative Air Pressure units equipped with HEPA filters & monitors, a wash-up sink & G.F.I. florescent lighting and other air quality controls. This control room is the place where our workers first enter the decontamination trailer from the contaminated work area through an air-lock system.


The shower rooms in our decontamination trailers includes numerous hot & cold water shower stalls and are an integral part of the worker decontamination process and are also controlled through air-lock systems.


The clean room is the last room that Enviro-Vac workers will visit.

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