EVEstimator.jpgPCB Decontamination

Enviro-Vac has extensive experience with PCB remediation and decontamination. Poly Chlorinated Biphenyl's or more commonly named PCBs are linked to numerous health effects including cancer and non-cancer effects of the endocrine, reproductive and immune systems.

Recent EPA findings conclude, many industrial coatings and buildings, (including schools,) built or renovated in the 1950s through the 1970s have caulking that contains PCBs. The caulk was used to seal gaps to make windows, door frames, masonry and joints in buildings and other structures watertight or airtight. PCBs can also be found in old utility transformer oils, mineral oils, and fluorescent light ballasts, coatings, caulkings, paint and mastics.


Enviro-Vac has the capabilities and experience to remove and dispose of any caulking material containing PCBs.

PCB remediation procedures include the following:

  • Removal of PCB contamination. Solid surfaces are double washed/rinsed. Soil is excavated and the ground backfilled with clean soil.
  • Disposal of PCB waste at an approved disposal facility.
  • Final cleanup and documentation report for recordkeeping purposes.
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