Mercury Decontamination

MercuryDecontamination.jpgEnviro-Vac’s expertise in mercury detection and decontamination is unparalleled in the industry. We are a national leader, providing comprehensive decontamination strategies, programs and remediation services for mercury contamination. Our team of mercury abatement specialists utilize state of the art equipment to assist in the complete cleanup of any mercury spill.

Our mercury vapor monitor is a state-of-the-art "sniffer” that can save days of costly project downtime waiting for mercury analysis reports to arrive from labs. The "sniffer" is used in conjunction with mercury remediation activities for routine detection, air quality monitoring, and on-site mercury waste characterization. Once the contaminated area has been defined, a specialized mercury remediation risk-assessment and remediation plan is implemented.


Mercury is a very challenging substance to collect and cleanup. Decontamination, remediation strategies and job safety analysis must be carefully planned prior to demolition of a structure. Enviro-Vac’s turn-key mercury decontamination and detection service can provide clients with the assurance that the mercury decontamination service will be thorough. Our 40+-years of wide-ranging decontamination & abatement experience can offer valuable insight and can often recognize the potential for unidentified risk as well as provide a rigorous but practical decontamination approach that will provide the highest guarantee of success for each mercury cleanup project.

Dangers of Mercury

Mercury is a virulent poison; it is very toxic to humans even in small doses. It is readily absorbed through the respiratory tract or through unbroken skin. It acts as a cumulative poison since only small amounts of the element can be eliminated at a time.

Mercury exposure can affect the central nervous system, kidneys and liver and affects the ability to feel, see, hear, taste and move. High concentration of vapor may cause a metallic taste, nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea and headache. Chronic effects from continual exposure to small concentrations can cause severe nervous disturbance, insomnia, loss of memory, irritability and depression. Loosening of teeth, dermatitis and kidney damage are possible in severe prolonged absorption.

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