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Lead paint, lead coatings & heavy metals abatement including arsenic & cyanide decontamination often involves work in oxygen deficient work areas or confined spaces, another area of expertise Enviro-Vac brings to the job. With the manufacture of nearly every product, some types of chemicals are used in the production process. Routine cleaning & maintenance of process equipment may require special training and safety equipment to complete the job.

Environmental cleaning regulatory requirements become more stringent every day and more and more companies are turning to and relying on outside contractors for this work instead of putting their employees in jeopardy or having them endure costly training requirements.

Fully Compliant with EPA Certification Section 402 Toxic Substance Control Act - Certified by Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission for Non-destructive Testing.


The experience that comes from preparing thousands of job sites has taught Enviro-Vac workers to do it right and with great care. Enviro-Vac maintains an excellent working relationship with industrial hygienists and air monitoring laboratories to ensure adherence to all job specifications in each Canadian province they work in.

Protecting workers and the environment is a top priority at Enviro-Vac. On site workers wear adequate PPE for the job that may include powered air purifying respirators (PAPR) or supplied air pressure demand respirators depending on the project. Air levels are sampled daily and analyzed to ensure maximum protection to workers. Our safety training procedures are extensive and on-going. Potential employees are trained and certified prior to employment.

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