Asbestos Abatement At Power Generating Facilities Throughout Canada and South America

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A leader in power plant hazardous materials decontamination

Enviro-Vac is a trusted leader in delivering highly complex decontamination and abatement service solutions to power generating facilities often in hazardous, challenging and sensitive environments. Our abatement technicians are experts in electrical safety related work practices and a major portion of our abatement work in and around power generation is on a recurring basis for both national and international clients.

Asbestos, Lead, Mercury and PCB containing materials use in power plants and electric generating facilities was wide-spread during their construction years ago and unless a detailed destructive survey has been performed, it is difficult to know exactly where these hazardous materials are. Asbestos for example has been used in over 3,000 building products including asbestos cement roof and wall cladding, boilers, fire-spray insulation, heating pipes, tanks, vessels, brakes, electrical wiring, gaskets and more.

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Finding workers trained to perform work around high voltage systems as well as skilled and certified to work with asbestos and lead and also skilled in stator pulls and media blasting within a contained environment.

The special requirements of a generating station or power industry client may be significantly different than those of other industries; however, challenges can be comparable. Our experienced and highly trained workforce ensures abatement and decontamination in and around live, sensitive operations can take place with minimal disruption to normal plant activities.


A major electrical power plant in Latin America discovered that their plant had become contaminated with asbestos due to years of using asbestos cement products as integral parts of the machinery and other building materials. In order for workers to service and perform replacements where needed, it was necessary to first decontaminate the facility. A major challenge was that this plant provides power to thousands of people & facilities, so it was vital that the facility remain operational during any work. What was needed was an experienced abatement crew with the ability to work around high-voltage energy, and within the time frame of a detailed abatement schedule.


This power plant facility contacted Enviro-Vac who have certified workers with specialized training for working around energized systems. These workers have the clearance to both access and work around active high voltage electrical systems.

Abatement work cost-effectively leveraged several crews from different locations with a wide variety of specialized experience to the project. And, through strict adherence to health and safety standards, safely completed the project during a 16-week schedule. Enviro-Vac personnel have worked on numerous energized abatement sites across Canada and Latin America without a single safety incident during operations around energized components.


As an asbestos abatement and removal contractor, Enviro-Vac provides end-to-end abatement solutions for clients that include both project management and abatement execution. Health and safety are central to everything we do, starting with pre-job planning and continuing through to job execution and debriefing. Enviro-Vac's strict company requirements demands we always strive for the highest performance results and continuous improvement.

Regularly scheduled project meetings are conducted with the clients’ consultants, health and safety department personnel and other stakeholders to communicate safe work procedures, scope changes and progress updates.

Every project undertaken is subject to a detailed risk-assessment and methodology statement containing detailed, safe work procedures that are submitted to regulators through a Notice of Project (NOP) process before work commencement and includes rigorous onsite audit processes.

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