Commercial Asbestos Removal Specialists

"Asbestos poses serious long-term health risks. Since 2000, more workers have died from asbestos-related occupational diseases in B.C. than any other workplace injury, and the rate of occupational disease associated with asbestos is on the rise”. 

The asbestos removal process is fraught with risks beginning with the planning process through to execution and final disposition of the hazardous materials. It is critical that stakeholders or owners choose an experienced abatement contractor who is reliable and has the knowledge and expertise to ensure regulatory compliance and most importantly, the safety of everyone involved.  

Enviro-Vac™ uses the latest technology for efficient and effective hazardous materials abatement and cleanup.  Our wide-ranging asbestos abatement and decontamination experience in commercial, institutional and industrial facilities continue to be at the forefront of Enviro-Vac’s asbestos removal and decontamination services but that’s not the extent of our services ---far from it.

Commercial Asbestos Removal Specialists

Over Four Decades of Hazardous Materials Abatement Experience

We offer tailored asbestos removal and decontamination services for a broad range of sectors in Canada and have completed asbestos removal and decontaminated at over 45,000 thousand commercial buildings, facilities, plants and ships over the past four plus decades. Our broad-based experience, problem solving and delivering asbestos abatement and decontamination projects safely, on-time and on-budget within malls, office towers, hospitals, hotels, sports facilities, educational and commercial institutions are legendary and continue to be at the very core of what we do.

Over Four Decades of Hazardous Materials Abatement Experience

Expertise of Trained Personnel

We are problem solvers! Proper risk assessments, safe work plans and efficiency is often the key to success. When it comes to projects involving asbestos removal or hazardous materials abatement, the importance of safety, efficiency and experience cannot be overstated.

The capabilities of our personnel, our certificates of approval, and our long-term focus on innovation has driven our reputation for delivering cost efficient and flexible environmental contracting services and abatement of hazardous materials and from the early beginning, our expertise in industrial vacuum services.

Cost Effective Hazardous Materials Abatement Solutions

As innovators and developers of unique environmental decontamination and remediation services, Enviro-Vac have gained a reputation for cost-effective and flexible solutions to suit the needs of its varied customers. You can be assured of a thorough abatement or site clean-up through to final disposition of hazardous waste.

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