Industrial Asbestos Removal - Case Study

Enviro-Vac has safely completed the asbestos abatement in many high-profile pulp and paper mills. Following is a case study of just one we were contracted to remediated at a cost of approximately $9,000,000. The orphaned project located in a remote part of BC was accessible only by sea or air and required soil remediation, classification and removal/disposal of various chemicals including abatement of a variety of asbestos containing material in a number of buildings, power house and structures in preparation for decommissioning. The asbestos was located throughout the mill property on various systems and included thermal insulation on and in recovery boilers, tanks, vessels and pipes, asbestos cement panel walls & roofing that required engineering to make safe for worker entry. All work was conducted in strict accordance with regulatory requirements.

INdustrial Asbestos Risk-Assessments in a Pulp and Paper Plant

PlantDecon2.JPGEnviro-Vac abatement technicians used a variety of methods based on risk-assessments & job-safety analysis tasks performed. Much of the abatement was conducted within high-risk, engineered air-tight, negative pressure enclosures constructed of fire-rated shrink-wrap supported by engineered scaffolding. These negative pressure environments were created using negative air units equipped with HEPA filters designed and tested to ensure that no particles were released into the surrounding environment.

Enviro-Vac technicians followed rigorously enforced safety standards including an industrial mobile decontamination trailer consisting of a climate controlled clean room, mask room, shower room, and equipment/dirty room attached to the negative pressure enclosure. Asbestos abatement technicians egressing the work zone first entered the dirty area removing their hazardous materials protective suits while keeping their respirators on and then advanced to the shower room to doff their PPE where they thoroughly wash their face, hair and respirators. Finally, they entered the controlled locker room or clean area to put on street clothes.

To comply with regulatory requirements and further ensure worker & environment safety, a third-party air monitoring firm was hired to ensure maximum worker and ambient environment protection protocol was followed.

The Enviro-Vac Solution

Boiler cladding to access asbestos was removed under high-risk condition using plasma torches and hydraulic lift equipment. Asbestos cement panels were removed intact from the structures roof and walls & placed into labeled polyethylene bags or wrapped in plastic sheeting then placed into large disposal containers for eventual disposal at an approved landfill. As a general procedure, Enviro-Vac crews worked from at height downward utilizing a variety of high-reach equipment and scaffolding, completing all asbestos removal work within each active area before the enclosure was tested and confirmed clean for dismantlement. The decontaminated areas were then turned over to unprotected works for decommissioning. Pipe insulation was removed using a combination of high-risk abatement methods and glove bag method. All work was completed on time and on budget to the satisfaction of the client.

Successful delivery on this and every project undertaken by Enviro-Vac originate from a unique four-decade framework of regulatory compliance, our corporate commitment to health & safety and innovative technical work-plans and strategies.

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