Asbestos Disposal


Transport of asbestos must be done by specially licensed and trained companies.

Disposal of asbestos must be done at approved facilities. 

It is illegal for an individual or company to handle, transport or dispose of friable asbestos without a special waste transport license. If you require asbestos removal, you must call the professionals.

Owners of a building or facility are responsible for ensuring that asbestos is properly and safely managed from the time it is identified through to its final disposal following abatement. The law is referred to as "cradle-to-grave".

Why Enviro-Vac for your Asbestos disposal?

decontamination truck

  • Enviro-Vac have been granted a special waste transport license by the Ministry of Environment
  • Over four decades of asbestos and hazardous materials abatement experience
  • Our innovative and reliable waste management services are designed to be cost effective and compliant with all environmental regulations. 
  • Customers are provided with all the necessary shipping manifests in accordance with strict regulatory standards.
  • Our extensive experience and industry knowledge ensures a one-stop solution for managing your asbestos waste and environmental remediation requirements.
  • Proper packaging, labeling and disposal is vital when selecting a transportation and disposal program for asbestos waste.

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