Enviro-Vac Vacuum Loaders

Recycle collected material

Collected material can be automatically or manual discharged and packaged into one-yard mega bags, dumpsters or dump trucks for reuse. The vacuum loader is designed for continuous duty and unlike a vacuum truck, never needs to leave the job site.

Enviro-Vac Industrial Vacuum loaders and automated bagging systems are designed for use in contamination control and combustible dust vacuuming / removal.  Our industrial vacuums meet OSHA standards and are NFPA compliant for combustible dusts. The vacuum loader operates under extreme high vacuum pressure and is one of the safest hazardous materials vacuum / bagging systems ever designed. All processed air within the fully enclosed system is thoroughly scrubbed by a unique multi-stage filtration and spin process with the final filter being HEPA certified.


Enviro-Vacuum loaders stay on the job full time without dumping and other multiple handling steps often required with vacuum trucks. The vacuum loader is designed to continuously off-load collected material into waste bags or disposal bins and/or dump trucks offering the client a recovery of assets when required.


IMG1216.JPGThe automated bagging system is designed to package & contain arsenic dust, asbestos, heavy metals dust & other particulate matter safely. The bagging system operates under continuous negative pressure for all phases of operation while preventing the emission of hazardous dust and other particulates into the atmosphere.

Using the vacuum loader and automated bagger results in reduced bag handling (75% fewer bags carried a shorter distance by fewer workers), decreasing the risk of unplanned decontamination problems. You can accomplish more work in less time while reducing container and disposal charges in the process.

Industrial Vacuum loaders in varied sizes

Enviro-Vac’s use of HEPA vacuum loaders and automated baggers for decontamination of facilities and plants is legendary and has been a trademark of the company since 1976. We have numerous Class II, Level 2 industrial vacuum loaders in varied sizes and can accommodate most projects.

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