Toxic Dust - Industrial Vacuum Solutions

Enviro-Vac have provided toxic dust and industrial vacuum solutions to organizations of all sizes and for an endless number of diverse applications. For over fourty years, Enviro-Vac have set the highest standards for reliability and "on budget - on time" performance in a variety of industrial and specialized markets.

Enviro-Vac HEPA vacuum loaders are powerful, completely self-contained, critical filtered vacuum systems, capable of conveying toxic dust, asbestos and other contaminated dust and solids. Their power allows maximum vacuum performance for long run conveyance from high rise buildings, tunnels, confined areas and crawl spaces.

Examples of Enviro-Vac's Industrial Vacuum & Auxiliary Services


  • Arsenic Trioxide Vacuum & Bagging Cleanup
  • Abrasive Blasting Media Recovery & Control
  • Bulk Material Removal / Recovery
  • Cleanup of Conveyor Spills
  • Grit Blasting & Heavy Metal Dust Removal
  • Heavy Metals Dust (beryllium, lead, etc)
  • Marine - Ship Ballast Tanks (abrasive blasting media extraction)
  • Materials Extraction
  • NORM's Dust & Debris
  • Paper Plant Facility Cleaning / Decontamination
  • Plant Dust Down / Spray Coatings Applied
  • Recovery Boiler Cleaning / Dust-down
  • Site Cleaning & Asbestos, Lead Decontamination
  • Toxic Dust Cleanup
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