Enviro-Vac Abatement Team Worker Training

The Enviro-Vac abatement team maintains their expertise with a variety of training platforms made available through industry schooling, HMA Certification and in-house process testing. A consistent commitment to the industry and the Enviro-Vac team is supported with in field training and observation, devising improved procedures and more efficient application methods.

Enviro-Vac insures responsible training within the Construction Safety Program, as our program leaders posess an extensive background in environmental consulting, as well as sit in the role of our Construction Safety Officers (CSO). Responsibilities of the Construction Safety Officer (CSO) program are to provide verification of a nationally recognized level of competency in relation to construction safety.

The CSO program provides practical training in various construction safety management skills and principles including:


  • Principles of Safety Management
  • Leadership for Safety Excellence
  • Safety Auditor Training (plus completion of an internal audit)
  • Train the Trainer in either: WHMIS / Lock-Out / Tag-Out
  • Hearing Conservation Program
  • Prime Contractor
  • Safety Administration
  • Claims Management
  • First Aider / CPR
  • Confined Space

CURRICULAM VITAE for key personnel available on request.

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