What are shrink-wrap containment systems? (And how do they help with Industrial Asbestos Removal?)

March 26th, 2018 | in Industrial Shrink Wrap

Protecting an asbestos removal site and the workers within it is an important task. Enviro-Vac has over fourty years of experience and are leaders in the industry. Our shrink-wrap is a fire retardant, modern thermo plastic film formulated with linear and low density heat sensitive resins. Manufactured from a proprietary blend of virgin resins and fractional melt low density polyethylene resulting in a uniform bi-axial shrinking and super strength.

The film is applied over the exterior of the structure and when heated shrinks drum tight to the surface creating a perfect fit and air-tight barrier to protect the workers, and the environment.

Shrink-wrap Containment Systems for Industrial Asbestos Removal

HEPA filtered negative pressure machines are often utilized on high-risk abatement or decontamination projects and is a control method used to prevent hazardous dust or fibres from escaping a work area.

For more information about our Shrink-Wrap Containment Systems, or to find out how we can help you clean up your industrial area or structure, contact Enviro-Vac and talk to one of our trained experts.

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