Mercury Detection and Air Quality Monitoring in Industrial Settings

June 24th, 2019 | in Abatement Services

Mercury has been shown to have a negative impact on human health and the environment, making the need for a mercury vapor monitor a crucial part of any mercury decontamination project to meet regulatory and safety standards. Detecting mercury during mercury spill cleanup, and mercury decontamination are all crucial to protect workers and the environment. Should a mercury contamination or spill occur, immediate action and remediation is required to protect people from exposure.

Mercury Vapor Monitor

A mercury vapor monitor is an instrument that is designed to measure the mercury vapor concentration of the immediate air continuously. This is a necessity for an industrial setting where mercury is present and could pose a possible risk, as mercury vapors are very toxic when breathed in, and spilled liquid mercury will vaporize readily at room temperature. A mercury vapor monitor can watch the air quality and give an advanced warning should harmful mercury vapors begin to build up in the air.

Mercury Decontamination and Spill Cleanup

Mercury can be present in a large number of industrial locations, from the interior of pipes, to metal equipment, mercury light bulbs and even vessels. Depending on the size of the mercury contamination or spill, careful care must be taken, as mercury is toxic even in small amounts, and as previously mentioned, will quickly vaporize at room temperature.


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