Lead Abatement Services: Don't Take Unnecessary Risks

December 7th, 2013 | in Abatement Services

Besides the infrequent lead scare from low quality new items, the biggest lead risks are still those that pre-date our understanding of how dangerous lead can be. Lead exposure has been linked to bone density loss, stroke, heart attack, and a host of other less severe diseases and conditions. While we’re very aware of the risks of lead today, it wasn’t always that way. In fact, any home or office built before 1978 was probably painted with paint containing dangerous levels of lead.

Office buildings and older commercial structures are being renovated at an astounding rate these days. But not everyone takes the time to test for lead in paint. As a result, many people are unknowingly exposing themselves and contracted workers to lead paint and the associated risks. As renovations are undertaken, without a proper test to determine if lead is present, you’re risking even more intense contamination with the disturbance of anything containing lead.

And of course, even working in an older office building that hasn’t been renovated can put you and your employees in danger of lead exposure. Lead paint that flakes and chips is an obvious risk. But even if there are no visible signs of degradation, lead paint will still deteriorate and the dust in the building could contain levels of lead that are unhealthy.


No one who is inexperienced should attempt to remove lead on their own. Instead, you should always get a lead abatement company to handle the job. With experience and the right equipment, a lead abatement contractor will be able to remove every trace of lead, all while keeping themselves safe from exposure. The work area will be securely sealed so that you can avoid contamination of the rest of the building, and they will also clean up completely so that no lead remains.

If you’re uncertain about lead in the paint in your building or structure, it’s very easy to get paint tested for lead. A certified lead tester will do an assessment of the risks and can tell you for certain whether or not you need lead abatement services. Enviro-Vac's handheld XRF analysers are the worlds most advanced and effective XRF analysers for detecting lead paint and really do take the laboratory to the field.

While there’s no reason to panic, it is a good idea to find out how old your structure or building is and to have any old paint tested for lead. Enviro-Vac XRF tester can give immediate results. There is no downtime waiting for Lab results.

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