Dealing Safely with Asbestos & Lead in Vancouver

April 24th, 2017 | in Abatement Services

With more condos and high rises being built in Vancouver, many old buildings are being demolished or renovated in the continual need for land and space. Unfortunately, old construction methods and products can lead to dangerous work environments now. Maybe the building has asbestos containing materials or lead paint.

Prior to renovation or demolition - the first thing you need to do is contact a reputable environmental consultant to perform a third party survey for hazardous materials and if found, contact an established abatement  contractor with a good reputation. You need someone who can come in, assess the hazard, and provide advice regarding the best remediation service options available.

lead hazardWhen it comes to lead coatings, Enviro-Vac has the expertise and equipment to perform one of the safest tests for lead possible. Rather than chip away at the paint and conduct expensive tests, we can simply “point and shoot” an XRF Gun that uses x-ray fluorescence to see if lead or other harmful metals are present.

If lead paint is present, our highly-trained workers will begin the process of abatement. Workers must use special respirators in order to protect their lungs and protective suits with worker decontamination systems set up. Constant testing for worker protection is required as well as to make sure that we’re bringing this work space back to the safe levels.

Enviro-Vac even has a mobile decontamination trailer that they can bring to sites that are more remote. These decontamination trailers are used for workers from hazardous materials such as asbestos, lead, arsenic and heavy metals dust to name just a few.

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