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ENVIRO-VAC’S handheld XRF analyzers are the world’s most effective XRF analyzers for lead paint and really do take the laboratory to the field where metal testing and analysis is required. ENVIRO-VAC XRF analyzers facilitate direct surface testing and provide completely  non destructive  testing and analysis of metals and metal alloys, producing laboratory quality results instantly without the need for sampling, acids or vacuums - simply “point and shoot!”

Government regulations, increased public awareness, insurance issues and legal action have all driven requirements for the remediation of lead hazards in the environment.

ENVIRO-VAC a leader in hazardous materials abatement in Canada are pleased to announce that “Point & Shoot” Lead testing & analysis performed in conjunction with our abatement service is now available. The Company has obtained Certification through the Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) after completing multiple operator certifications and a “Radiation Safety Training Program” required to operate a state-of-the-art XRF Gun that is the preferred source for lead paint inspections and abatement due to its ability to measure buried layers of leaded paint and provide instant analysis.

The technology for lead-based paint abatement & remediation has progressed significantly over the years. Our priority is to provide our clients every advantage at the lowest possible cost, using the most advanced, efficient, and comprehensive abatement procedures available for exceptional, accurate results in a minimum amount of time. ENVIRO-VAC is certified by Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) for operation of portable x-ray fluorescence testing and analysis devices. A “Point & Shoot” technology for instant results & non destructive testing and analysis of lead coatings and metal alloys.

ENVIRO-VAC has also achieved Certification through University of California Berkeley and is the only known Canadian Company that is fully compliant with EPA Certification Section 402 Toxic Substance Control Act. University of California, Berkeley lead based paint abatement certified. 

At ENVIRO-VAC, a Canada based lead removal contractor, we’re focused on being the leader in hazardous materials abatement and in providing solutions for a wide range of abatement & remediation applications. We believe our future success lies in the dedication and caring of our professionally trained employees as we form problem-solving partnerships with our customers.

As with all hazardous materials abatement projects undertaken by ENVIRO-VAC, we understand the importance in properly documenting lead abatement projects from the beginning to the end. Our business model that helps set us apart from our competitors is the ability to perform challenging abatement projects, often utilizing fire-rated shrink-wrap containments and special industrial vacuum loaders and automated baggers including special waste transportation and final disposition. At Enviro-Vac, all of these services including waste disposition can be provided under one contract and under one comprehensive environmental insurance umbrella.

“Thank you for your submissions. Your program is one of the better ones I have seen and I can tell you that it has passed and is now accepted into our system.”
Safety Advisor BC Hydro