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Rapid Response & Deployment of Resources For Asbestos Removal, Lead & Mercury Contamination & cleanup

Enviro-Vac offers 24 hour emergency response - 7 days a week for asbestos, lead, mercury and other hazardous materials abatement and decontamination. The successful, safe abatement and cleanup of contamination emergencies demands the talents, skill, sophisticated equipment and experience that Enviro-Vac can mobilize.

Regardless of contamination levels, Enviro-Vac will ensure emergency abatement and decontamination methods and procedures meet and or exceed regulatory requirements.  

SAFE ASBESTOS REMOVAL & asbestos cleanup

Asbestos is used in over 3,000 building products including sprayed on insulation, fireproofing and soundproofing in literally tens of thousands of buildings, plants & ships across Canada. The obvious solution is to render our collective environments as free from the dangers of asbestos as is possible. From the first site inspection, to the final disposal of the hazardous material, Enviro-Vac can provide turn-key service solutions associated with asbestos removal and abatement in Canada and South America.

One of the distinctive attributes of Enviro-Vac is our capability to provide asbestos abatement certified crews who are cross-trained in other skills such as selective demolition and shrink-wrap containments installation. Negative pressure containments that are made of fire-rated thermo plastic which when applied are shrunk drum tight to seal to any object or structure.

Asbestos removal   for your facility, plant, ship or business is not something to be taken lightly or handled carelessly. Minimize your risk and keep your employees and environment safe by contracting with Enviro-Vac for your asbestos & hazardous materials abatement project. We work with select clients throughout Canada and have offices in Victoria, BC, Vancouver, BC, Edmonton, Alberta & Calgary Alberta.

Enviro-Vac has the resources to mobilize for select clients and or projects anywhere in Canada and South America.


We are passionate about what we do and take our work very seriously. There is no other way to handle asbestos abatement. Enviro-Vac constantly monitors the environment of all job sites. Strict work and safety procedures are enforced. Management maintains a continuous and legally accountable presence.

Asbestos removal & abatement, by its very nature, is disruptive. Tight scheduling and adequate resources are needed to assure minimal downtime. Enviro-Vac understands that with commercial space, time is money. Completion schedules are taken seriously but safety is never sacrificed. Job sites can be scheduled on a 24-hour basis to facilitate fast turnaround for businesses.

Our abatement and decontamination services include but are not limited to the following segments:

  • Residential Properties - Single to Multiple Dwelling Complexes
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Marine
  • Institutional

“Enviro-Vac is always one of the hazardous materials specialists we recommend to our clients during the biddingn process. We find with thir vastly experienced management staff and site supervisors they always provide a professional and quality service.”
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