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Enviro-Vac specializes in providing reliable and highly responsive abatement & decontamination services including an emergency cleanup response. Our safe work plans are cost effective, compliant and comprehensive.

cropped-Indust_2.jpgHazardous materials abatement, facility cleanup & decontamination requires a harmonious interaction between regulatory agencies and a thorough knowledge of performing risk-assessments as well as safe and effective decontamination processes available.

Our 40-years of large-scale and often complex facility decontamination experience enable Enviro-Vac to deliver a complete range of innovative decontamination & comprehensive abatement solutions to our valued customers in varied segments including the decontamination of arsenic & cyanide in mines - where there can be no tolerance for miscalculation.

Enviro-Vac takes great pride in being industry leaders and are dedicated to providing a verity of innovative hazardous materials abatement & decontamination solutions to clients throughout Canada and South America. Our highly responsive, hazardous materials abatement methods and procedures are designed to meet and exceed ever increasing, stringent environmental regulations for hazardous materials abatement without sacrificing  safety   or quality of work. Our core capabilities and services help us respond effectively to asbestos, lead, mercury, PCB or heavy metals dust contamination in industrial plants, turbines in power plants, ships, refineries, pulp & paper mills, mines, military complexes and other facilities.

Plant_Flattened.jpgOur highly trained, multi-skilled decontamination teams draw on proprietary equipment & techniques to take on the most daunting projects often under the most demanding conditions to ensure full compliance with regulatory requirements and ensure the sucessful decontamination and safe disposal of each particular contaminant or regulated waste stream.


If you are in the preliminary stages of planning a decommissioning or abatement project call us to discuss how we can help. We recognize the value in early project participation and are available to assist our valued clients in developing comprehensive decontamination strategies, programs and budgets. Our 40-years of wide-ranging decontamination & abatement experience can offer valuable insight and can often recognize potential for unidentified risk as well as provide a rigorous but practical decontamination approach that will provide the highest guarantee of success for each project.

Enviro-Vac is a leading provider of innovative and cost-effective decontamination & hazardous materials abatement solutions necessary prior to decommissioning or dismantlement.


  • Abrasive Blasting
  • Arsenic Trioxide Dust: Arsenic dust is a deadly, poisonous dust often found as a by-product of gold mining. Enviro-Vac has extensive experience at cleaning up this deadly material from working at one of the most polluted places in Canada's sub-arctic.
  • Asbestos Removal and Abatement
  • Automated Baggers
  • Bio-hazards
  • Chemical Stripping
  • Coatings Removal
  • Combustible Dust Vacuuming
  • Cyanide Dust: High Risk decontamination & cleanup of Sodium Cyanide dust
  • Dams - Asbestos & Lead abatement and decontamination
  • Dust Collectors - high volume
  • Heavy Metals Dust Cleanup & Decontamination: Our service technicians are highly trained and have the experience to tackle even the most challenging heavy metals dust cleanup and decontamination project including; cadmium, chromium, beryllium, lead and silica utilizing appropriate risk-assessments, PPE and often high-reaching mechanized equipment.
  • Industrial Vacuum Services: The capabilities of our personnel, our certificates of approval, and our long-term focus on innovation has driven our reputation for delivering cost effective and flexible environmental contracting services and abatement of hazardous materials, and from the early beginning, our expertise in industrial vacuum services. 
  • Lead Paint & Coatings - gun ranges, ships, bridges & steel structures
  • Mercury Contamination: Mercury is a hazardous substance and can cause serious physical affects.
  • Mould Remediation: Enviro-Vac carries comprehensive liability insurance that DOES NOT have exclusions for mould and INCLUDES environmental liability coverage for pollution.
  • PCB Contamination: PCBs are commonly found in paint coatings, caulk and oils. We can help with PCB removal, clean up services and destruction.
  • Power Plants: Asbestos & lead abatement
  • Rapid Response: Rapid response for emergecy asbestos, lead and mercury cleanup.
  • Ships - Hazardous Materials Abatement 
  • Shrink-Wrap Containments: Our state-of-the-art, specially formulated, fire rated, high strength polyethylene film that shrinks when heat is applied is an environmentally friendly method of containing hazardous materials and creating air-tight enclosures. Shrink-Wrap containments under negative pressure will keep air-borne contaminates IN and the rain and snow OUT.
  • Special Waste Transport: We provide fully insured, bonded & licensed, industry leading service for the management, transportation and disposal of special waste including asbestos and lead waste. We are committed to the highest level of operational safety, quality and regulatory compliance standards helping our clients reduce their risk profile - which is vital when selecting an abatement & decontamination contractor.
  • Vacuum Blasting

We have a 40-year proven track record in proper hazardous materials abatement techniques, while keeping our workers safe with exceptionally low experience modification / incident rates to back up our work and our commitment to Health & Safety.

We are able to mobilize our trained and certified hazardous materials abatement personnel 24-hours a day, 7-days a week to anywhere in Canada including Canada's sub-arctic and South America.

“Enviro‐Vac was able to mobilize at the convenience of the facility owner and completed the work in the timeline indicated for the price quoted.  NWest would recommend Enviro‐Vac for future remediation projects based on our experience working with them.”
North West Environmental Group